NetMR produces professional and usable software at a reasonable cost, for people who are serious about market research.

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This website is only used to install the QPSMR Companion and Companion Input software.

NetMR website

Please see the main website for information about all the QPSMR products including the QPSMR Companion:

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The QPSMR Companion is used as follows:

Project files

  • Create
  • Edit
  • Test
  • Import and export, including triple-s

Data files

  • Input (Paper and CAPI)
  • Clean
  • View
  • Weight
  • Merge
  • List
  • Import and export, including trplie-s


  • Summary
  • Drill down (tables)
  • Drill down (distinction)
  • Set up and run tables files
  • Run command language set-ups

Raw data files

  • View
  • Edit

Download options:

You can have any number of versions installed at the same time. Please uninstall older versions if you no longer use them.


This is a quick and simple install.  The program is stored in a secure area on the PC.  New versions of the biannual releases will replace earlier versions of the same release.

Windows installer

These use a conventional Windows intall file (MSI) which can be dowloaded and copied to PCs without an internet connection.

Companion 64 download

Use for 64 bit versions of Windows.  These versions can handle larger projects than the 32 bit versions

64 Bit Windows install

Companion 32 download

Use for 32 bit or 64 bit versions of Windows:

Any CPU install

Companion Input download

To install the Companion Input program for Windows.

Input install